Friday, March 13, 2009

day 72.....let's drink

Today I went to the Wine Festival 'trade show'. It's the one held during the afternoon for buyers/businesses. There are also dinners and other tastings the public can attend but we are supposedly 'special'..haha..and get first dibs on some of the new wines.
There were well over 700 different wines to sample. Of course I didn't try them all....that isn't possible in the 3 hours we were given to 'mingle'...even I'm not THAT good.
We even had these yummy Baileys shots in little chocolate cups...they didn't taste right the first time so we had to try another one just to make sure they hadn't gone bad. Personally, I think we should have given it a third chance but things might not have been so pretty if we had. Did I mention they were yummy???
Did I network as M told me to do? Eh, maybe not as much as I should have, but I got a really nice Riedel glass and a fun excursion with a friend out of the deal. networking.....smetworking.....
Cheers folks!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

day???......I'm losing count and mommy's medicine

This week has truly been crazy for me. I've got a deadline of Sunday to have all our tax papers to the accountant and its kicking my butt. A computer glitch erased a lot of my hard work in keeping everything straight so I'm writing it all down now as I dig through stacks of papers.

On top of that, today was the worst, most horrible, crappy grocery trip to date. Those kids are lucky we were in public because I seriously wanted to beat them.
d picked aisle 3 to have a meltdown about how he wanted a show and it lasted pretty much until we got home. And, not to be outdone, the trio had a 'screaming' contest at the checkout....the best part was that the dozen or so people staring at me couldn't see them in the wagon so it appeared that it must be one child screaming like a banshee while me (AKA horrible mom) just stood there.
Needing a little therapy after I finally got all the kids to bed, I poured myself 'mommy's medicine'. I know you are wondering exactly what that is....well it's about a cup of kahlua mixed with a cup of milk and a couple pieces of ice. MMmmmmm......I'm feeling a little bit better now.

I got this today from another triplet mom....pretty dang funny if you ask a multiples mom I'm so tired of being asked what I think about that 'mom with the 8 babies'....seriously do I HAVE to give my opinion???

Click HERE.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

day fetish

Hello, my name is Julie and I have a fetish. I admit it, there is no reason to deny it. It is not an addiction because I'm actually very particular.
"What is the fetish?", you ask. Purses....purses...purses....and yes, purses.
So now I've decided to make purses...some for me...and some to share with others....after all I have TONS of free time on my hands.
Here is my first bag.
I kept walking by this fabric remnant at Joanns and decided it needed a good home. I found the pattern online and altered it for my needs. It only took me about 3 hours total, start to finish.

Friday, March 6, 2009

day 65...goin' for a stroll

The kids were playing and I noticed m pushing the stroller, then I noticed what he was pushing...guess he decided that the ark animals were bored on their boat and needed a change. It was super cute.
My dad and step-mom have been up here visiting us this week and the kids are loving it...of course it helps that they took them to Toys R Us and let them pick whatever they wanted.
This morning s kept walking towards the front door looking for 'pap-pap'...hehe..that is what she kept calling papaw.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

day 64....forgive me and toothpaste

Okay, I know, I suck. I've been absent for almost a week. I don't really have a GOOD excuse but my camera has been needing a battery that took me 4 days to buy so that's what I'm claiming for now.
SORRY!!!.....forgive me now?........good....
Alright I found this interesting tutorial...don't know if it works or not but I'm going to try it...with all these crazy kids I can tell you we have several dvd's that need a little help.

BTW....can someone please tell me how to make a link just show up as a word instead of the entire link? many thanks if you can...

Who else is following American Idol? Will that Tatiana chick ever really go away?