Friday, January 30, 2009

day 30....more snow

M took d outside to play in the snow. We didn't manage to get the table & chairs off the deck before the snow hit.
I'm hoping it holds the weight of all that snow and ice.
We had almost a foot of snow on the deck.
.....and yet another snow, NO SCHOOL!
I'm beginning to think there is some evil conspiracy going on....trying to drive us parents crazy with bored kids stuck at home.
Now, they are calling for another possible 'significant weather event' on Monday.
Here's a solution...for every cancelled day of school, we get a stiff drink compliments of said school district....if your with me raise your hand......woohoo....I can dream can't I????

Thursday, January 29, 2009

day 29.......

This the 'snowman' that d made. He cried until we let him go out and play. It was so stinking cold though.
And..don't all snowmen have hotdogs for eyes and icicles for arms???

BTW......yet again no school for tomorrow.....uuuugggghhhhhhh.....are they trying to put me in a white jacket?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

day 28.....if the shoe fits

s thought is was so cool to walk around the house today wearing these slippers. Some friends were staying with us and the kids had a blast with 4 (yes, four) extra kids to play with.
Needless to say, having 12 people in our house is always quite an experience. But we love them and are always sad to see our summer friends leave.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

day guest writer

....and now folks, for your reading pleasure, a guest writer that has been so gracious as to do my blogging for me.......

Once upon a time in a very far away place-
I had a friend that was going to stay in touch thru cyber-space.
Her name is Julie and a blog she decided to write-
But now she is 4 days behind and I'm wondering if she might...
Be ready to give up this 365 day resolution?
Could there be a fix or an easy solution?
Has triplets, wine, and beer
Filled my friend with fear?
Is it too late for her to bounce back and get on track?
Or will she go down in history as the blog slack?

Everyone, thank Em for her enjoyable poem.

***hhmmm, any lesson here?
***Don't be a Miss Smartypants or I'll post it for the world to see. pics today, I'm waiting for the snow/ice to stop to go outside with the camera.
And we have 6 impromptu guests staying here with us until the storm is over.

Friday, January 23, 2009

day 23.....naptime escapades

Ever wonder what kids are doing when they SHOULD be napping?
apparently they jump out of their cribs, check to make sure no one is watching...........
and then.........................................
destroy their closets..


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

day 18......computers or S & M

I bought a new MINI-laptop this weekend. It is so cute. It has an 8.9 inch screen. This is supposedly one of the best ones based on several reviews I read. We also took advantage of Circuit City closing and their deals.
We got it home and d asked if it was for him. computer for a 4 year old. I did let him visit his favorite websites with me though. This morning he asked when we are going to use it again...hehe

Okay, so M is a notary. He used to do mortgage closings but now just notarizes whatever needs done. The banks up the street from the store send people down to him. So yesterday this lady comes in with a paper to notarize. She is in her mid-40's, very nice, very unassuming. She signs the paper, M does his part, she buys some wine and leaves. M turns to me and says, "I've seen ALOT of things over the years notarzing but that was a first".

Turns out it was a contract to enter into a S&M relationship, with her as the submissive. It was an acknowledgement that she might suffer mental/physical pain while in the relationship.

Don't misunderstand me each his/her own.....just surprising to see that paper in writing.

Friday, January 16, 2009

day 16.....sleep habits

So recently e and m have started taking their diapers off during naptime. Aside from having to clean up pee sheets it is kind of funny. I did finally get pics of them.

'What is the lesson to learn here?' you ask.
I guess it would be to wipe your ass just in case someone decides to take a picture of you asleep and share it with the world.

Got that, Em?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

day 15.......if you give a kid a castle

In my never-ending project of getting the basement finished for the kids to play in....I built them a castle. It is really cute...wonder how long it will take them to knock it down?
Today was bitterly cold, a high of 12 and already it is down to below zero wind chills....bbrrrrr....
I need ideas for a cute birthday cake for the babies. Only one month until their 2nd birthday. I'm going to milk the whole Valentine's theme as long as I can.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

day 14.....a story a day

Okay, so a friend of mine (haha) wants a story a day AND a lesson in about stress, now I really have to use my grey cells.
All right, a couple of funny things.
The other day the kids were taking their nap and s woke up so M went and got her. He came back down and said I needed to go and look at e in bed. I go in their room and she is asleep in her crib butt naked, clothes piled neatly on the floor. It was hilarious.
Sunday d went to church with the grandparents. The grandparents told him he couldn't take communion since he decided to eat breakfast that morning. So d said, "If I don't eat how am I supposed to grow?" (good point)
We didn't really do anything today so all of my pictures are of the kids following me around and saying 'cheeeeeeezzzzz'. I won't bore you with the pics.
I'll get back to you on the 'lesson in life', Em. BTW....still waiting on your blog.

day 12 and 13......sorry guys

I had computer issues the last few days and couldn't get online to post along as this crazy machine cooperates it won't happen again......pinky swear......

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 9.....uugghhhhhhh

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 8.....interesting find and first closet finished

Okay, so what do a pig, a potty, a construction worker and a cow have in common?

I discovered them all stuffed down s's sleeper leg this morning. She has this habit of 'hoarding' toys in her sleeper. It's actually quite funny because she will limp around with all this crap and then can't get it back out to play with.

If you remember from a few days ago, I said my 'resolution' was to get all my closets organized.
Well...I finished the first one. If you scroll back to DAY ONE you can see the before and here is the after. Man, did I have a ton of crap to throw out. I think half of my food was expired or about to...pretty scary.....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 7....On the inside looking out....and a great bunch of ladies

Today we had some snow, not a lot of accumulation but it was pretty. This picture was taken pretty early in the day of our backyard. 3 of the 4 monkeys were 'helping' me look out the window.
Tonight I went to my multiples' moms meeting. I just have to say they really are a great group of women. Life is so hectic at times with so many kids that you really do start to think you are all alone in your feelings. Tonight we started talking and realized that most of us feel the same way and I think it really helped to know that we truly do know and understand what each other is going through.
Here is the thought that for me came out of the evening: If you don't take care of yourself, how can you possibly take care of your children? Ensure your physical and emotional well-being so that you can be a good and loving mother.
Take care everyone....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 6......rainy and cold

Today was cold and we had freezing rain. We have been very lucky so far this winter, it has been pretty mild. I'm sure 'old man winter' is going to kick our butts soon though.

I decided to read a magazine this evening and ended up with 4 kids sitting on me to read along. Other than being uncomfortable it was kind of cute. The babies kept pointing at pictures for me to tell them the words and they would repeat them.

How much longer can I call them my 'babies'? Can you believe they will be 2 years old in 39 days....not that I'm counting. Time really flies....I'll have to post a picture of them when they were just home. Man, they were so little.

My picture for today....I think it's cool. It's the train tracks and stone streets that run through part of downtown. Funny, isn't it, they just leave them, they don't go anywhere and can't be used but someone somewhere decided to leave them.......

Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 5.....back to school.....I had a date

Today was the first day back to school for d, somehow I made it through his two week holiday break. It was also the birthday of one of the girls in class so they had big cupcakes. Don't you love it when the teacher sends your kid home junked up on sugar??....he was literally bouncing down the hall.
M and I had a babysitter so we could go out on a date. We ate at Bravo (so-so food) and watched Four Christmases (very funny). Then we wandered around a used bookstore for a while until we had to come home. All-in-all it was a nice night out for us, it has been at least 2 years since we went to a movie together. I'm thinking we need to try to schedule a movie night more often.
The picture to the left is Music Hall. She is a grand old building that is just amazing inside. I love when they restore old theatres instead of building new, modern monstrosities.
I have an early day tomorrow so I'll close for now. Hope everyone is having a good year so far.
BTW.......Em, I'm still waiting on your blog to appear.....anxious readers await

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 4.....a rainy day view of the city

Not a lot to say has been one of those hi/low days.
We did go for a drive this morning and got this picture looking out over the river.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 3....115 different beers on the shelves?!

Today I spent re-organizing my 'beer cube' at the store. Why? Well, because I got this crazy idea in my head that they really should be sorted by style and then alphabetically and then...well, you get the idea.
Next time I get some crazy idea like that again, PLEASE tell me to just sit on my hands because what should have been easy took me (honestly) four stinking days to do.
Yes, I'm sure that little bit of OCD in me must have reared its ugly head but I've tied it up and shoved it in the closet so everything will be just fine.........did you hear that scratching on the door?? you did didn't you...come on tell me you heard it too.....

Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 2.....folding towels OR blowing noses??

I walked into the kitchen and thought 'how cute, they are folding the towels for me' and then I realized they were just blowing their noses on each towel...figures that they would decide to use the clean towels....oh well...I'm sure I really, really wanted to do more laundry.....

Thursday, January 1, 2009

beer, beer and more beer......escaping kids....and Day 1

I must be crazy because I decided that all the beer in the store should be re-organized. I know it sounds simple and maybe I'm making it more difficult than it should be, but I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever finish. I shall keep you posted on this as it changes..

Yesterday started out like all others: kids up by 7:15am, milk & cheerios by 7:30am, followed by Mickey fighting over get the idea. I had a ton of things to do for our New Year's Eve party. Anyways, 11am rolls around and I put the babies down for their nap and go take a shower. As I'm doing my hair I hear thump, thump, thump, hehehe, hehehe coming from the monitor. So I walk into the babies' room and find m & e running around the room laughing and pulling clothes out of the closet. Meanwhile, s being her usual prissy self is sitting in her crib pointing at the other two. I put them back in their cribs and they proceed to swing their legs right back over the crib rails and jump back out. (woah...wait a minute...this can't be happening..not so soon...and definitely not today of all days....what the heck is going on?) So, I called M and tell him we have to do something NOW!!!!
(still working on this little problem...)

Well, today is officially day one of my 'project 365'. Above is my picture for the day and I've decided to incorporate it into my 'resolution'...keeping it simple....this is a look into our daily life. My crazy insane kitchen pantry, it should have a sign on the door OPEN AT YOUR OWN RISK because things pretty much fall out every time the door opens.
Resolution: clean all the closets in the house.......wish me luck here....