Friday, February 27, 2009

day 58..... a funny

Okay, so here is my funny......sorry it happened so fast that I couldn't get a picture, just picture it in your head.
m and s were playing on the floor by the central vacuum hole (this after just having beaten each other up for possession of said hole) . Well m had stuffed a diaper wipe in the hole and was trying to get it back out before s took it from him. There is a small button on the inside of the hole that starts the suction and m accidentally pushed it and the thing sucked his wipe down and made a loud noise. Those two jumped up so fast and started pointing and was hilarious. They couldn't figure out what happened or how.
I wanted to laugh to bad but had to keep a straight face and tell them 'danger'. That will keep them away from it for about a day at best.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

day great deals

I stopped in at Kohls and found girls clothes for next fall/winter at 90% off!
Here is what I bought:
-4 Chaps by Ralph Lauren dresses
-2 Carters fleece jackets
-2 OshKosh hooded jackets
-2 Christmas-y shirts
Normal retail would have been $270!
I got it all for $27!!!.....Woo Hoo.....
That is less than what 1 of the dresses would normally have been. Hard to do much better than that.
If only I could find clothes for me that cheap...

Monday, February 23, 2009

day 54.....BAG TAG

I was Bag Tagged by T, over at Too Much Perfection.

The RULES are as follows:
A. Post a picture of whatever bag you are using today - not last weekend when you and your hubby went out to that fabulous restaurant. No cheating!!! AND it's contents!! EVERYTHING! Yes, even THAT!

B. Tell us how much it cost. This is a no-judgment zone -- there will be no ridiculing or eye rolling here. And, if there is a story to go along with how you obtained it, I'd love to hear it.

C. Now tag some fellow bloggers and link back to this post so people know why you are posting pictures of your bag.

Here Goes:

This is my handy-dandy-every-day purse. It is a Vera Bradley backpack (in Medallion). I love it because I can carry it while dealing with all 4 of my kids. And it is machine washable!!

What I paid for it: It retailed originally for around $85, but I found it on sale for 70% off. So, I guess I paid around $25 including tax.


  1. travel size Tums smoothies
  2. 1 gnarled-up Kudos bar (need to throw that out)
  3. 2 packets of splenda & one mint tea bag
  4. 1 finger wet wipe
  5. liquid hand sanitizer (from the NICU days)
  6. C.O. Bigelow rosemary mint lotion
  7. C.O. Bigelow mentha lip shine
  8. travel pack of kleenex
  9. small post-it pad
  10. 1 nickle
  11. Altoids mints
  12. Extra peppermint gum
  13. 2 pens
  14. 4 long forgotten Ricola coughdrops (need to throw those out also)
  15. a stray restaurant ticket used to write a shopping list on (trash)
  16. a stray business card used to write a shopping list on (trash)
  17. an old YMCA membership card (trash)
  18. 2 coupons for blue chips..yum
  19. a bag of extra beads for my troll bracelet..I was playing around with them Saturday
  20. tiny bottle of pink nail polish I just bought for the girls
  21. Maybelline liquid concealer
  22. bare escentuals spice lip shine
  23. my set of keys to the PT Cruiser
  24. my set of keys to the T&C and everything else
  25. my blackberry
  26. metal tape measure...I was shopping for storage totes yesterday
  27. my checkbook
  28. my wallet....which is its own pit

HOLY CRAP...I have tons of s@*! in that thing.....and it isn't anywhere near being full...guess that's why I love it.

I'm going to tag Jessica over at Got Triplets?
AND I would tag Em.....but she is a big lazy butt and won't blog
Most of the other blogs I read have already been tagged.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

day 53....mission impossible

This was the scene two days ago. My mission (if I'm crazy enough to accept it) is to make some kind of sense out of the chaos.

This evening I made the leap and tackled that mess. I've sworn that if d can't keep it cleaner then toys are going to start disappearing never to be heard from again.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

day 50.......girlfriends

Okay, apparently my son has a 'girlfriend'. Yes, I know he isn't even 5 years old yet but he tells me all the time about his girlfriend. She is a very cute girl in his preschool class and it seems that she feels the same way. (just found that part out this week)
Here is part of our conversation this week:
me: "Who did you play with in class?"
d: "M...."
me: "M.....?"
d: "Yep, I love her."
me: "You love her!?"
d: "Yes."
me: "Umm, okay."
d: "She's my girlfriend."
me: "Mmmm..she's your girlfriend?"
d: "Yes, I love her and I love all my friends."
me: "Well, that's good."
d: "You are supposed to love all your friends."

What more can I add to that? Pretty smart kid.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

day 49....what's wrong with this picture???

YES would appear that the diaper thief has struck again. But don't worry, I'm sure they were just looking for those lost, beloved diapers.
Oh, who am I kidding.......those stinkin' brats just would not leave their diapers on. After chasing them around and putting diapers back on I finally just let them play butt naked for about an hour. They really seemed to enjoy it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

day work

How is this for team work....all three climb on top of the kitchen table and then s just passes the other two things from the counter.
And I've been saying she is the 'good' child. Well, now I'll be re-thinking that label for her.
And yes Em, I did let them sleep in their clothes from Monday night. But at least they were matching, RIGHT??

Sunday, February 15, 2009

day 46......cake and presents and family..OH MY!!!

Today we had the triplets' birthday party. I love the cake..super yummy!!!!

s just seeing how much she can fit in her new Vera Bradley purse.

e: we think she might like the new 'choo-choo's'
(notice the cute bracelet? both girls got those from Aunt Sophie)

m comparing his 'do with his cousin ..who's is shorter??

Saturday, February 14, 2009

day 45.....birthdays and valentines

Two years ago today I received the most amazing Valentine's present ever......these 3 healthy, beautiful babies. Yes, my triplets were born on February 14th. No, it wasn't planned that way.

I had mentioned that it would be pretty neat to have 'valentines babies' but the doctors were insistent they would not be born for a few more weeks. Well, apparently the girls had a different idea. On 2/13, during a regular growth ultrasound, the doctor discovered that the girls had not grown enough during the 2-week period between ultrasounds, and that it was time to deliver.
So, call it luck, or chance, or fate, or whatever....but I got my 'valentines babies'.

The picture above was the first day they all slept together, so they were not quite two days old. They stayed in that crib together until they went home at 16 days old.
left to right is m, e & s.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my little monkeys!!!

I can't believe they are two years old already!

Friday, February 13, 2009

day 44.......rainbows and no power I guess I have been slacking this week. The other night we had storms with bad winds and tornado watches. Then around 8pm we lost power .... thankfully the babies were already asleep. Power was out most of the night but it wasn't too cold so no big deal.

d had a blast getting to sleep with a flashlight, especially one he could 'crank' himself to make it work.

Anyways....I snapped this picture during a break in the storm. I thought the rainbow was cool because I had just talked to M at work and he had seen a rainbow near him.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

day do's

We took the kids to get their hair cut do's for the boys and bang trims for the girls.
I'm thinking this picture is about as good as it will's not often all 4 kids occupy the same least not for very long.
And, yes, I do feed them..not sure why they all have fingers in their mouths.
Who else is watching American Idol?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

day 39....can a girl have too many purses????

Today, we went to the children's museum and let the kids play for a LONG time....I was exhausted by the time we left.
It was so nice outside today that we just decided to drive around for awhile. I think the kids were just happy to be out of the house also.
Of course we did our usual breakfast stop...that place would seriously be hurting if we didn't make it there at least once a week...pretty sad when they know your car when it pulls up...
The pic today is e being silly. Don't you just love her fashion sense? And, if you can't decide which purse or which arm to use...use both. Really.....if she takes after me then I see ALOT of purses in her future....a little birdy thinks the girls might be getting their first Vera Bradley purses this weekend for their birthday........oh, to have it so rough......

Friday, February 6, 2009

day 37....clean teeth and the goodnight show

d wanted to 'teach' the babies how to brush their teeth. It was really cute, they all had their toothbrushes and were just walking around the kitchen brushing.
Today was in the high 40's and sunny so we all were feeling a little stir-crazy. We surprised M by showing up at the store with dinner. Of course....the best the time we got home it was bedtime for the babies...hehe...
We have started a nightime routine of all piling on the couch under a blanket and watching The Goodnight Show. It's amazing that they all sit still for 30 mintues and kind of wind down for bed.
Tonight, m leaned right up against me and kept putting my hand on his head to rub his forehead. If I stopped he would put my hand back to do it again. He is such a sweetheart, he doesn't usually want affection during the day, but he needs a little mommy fix every now and then.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

day 36......let them eat....bread?

Poor d, he sat down to eat a sandwich and was bombarded by m and s. They just kept taking all of his food. What a good big brother though.....he didn't whack them in the head with the plate, though I'm sure it crossed his mind.
Today, we had a nice, quiet day at home. Just me and the kids...we stayed in our jammies all day, watched a couple of movies and stayed pretty much low key.......unless you count those times they were running laps around the couch trying to grab each other by the hair....sometimes it is No Holds Barred-Down & Dirty Fighting. Those kids definitely know how to's amazing they aren't covered in bruises.
e pulled the 'Amazing Stripping Toddler' act at naptime today. So's like she doesn't want to sleep in clothes. She takes everything off and leaves it in a pile on the floor and then took almost a 3 hour nap.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

day 35.....these boots were made for walkin'

m discovered M's snow boots in the hallway and jumped right into them. It was hilarious, he was walking all around the kitchen. Later on he was trying to get both feet into one boot but he couldn't even balance to stand up. Of course, the girls saw this and wanted their turns.
......Update on the hunt for a cake......I've ordered a special cake for their birthday. I'm hoping it comes out as cute as I think it will. Can you believe they will be 2 in ten days? Where has the time gone? my little Valentine's babies......
This evening was my monthly HOM moms' meeting. What a crazy, fun bunch of chicks.....even Em....hehe......though a different word comes to mind when I think of Em, but I won't post that here. :) Love ya keep it real.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

day 34?......yet again, snow

Okay, so I've decided to change careers and become a weather forecaster. I mean, how the hell can I do any worse of a job than those yo-yo's getting paid all the big bucks?
Supposedly, we were going to get 1-3 inches. Well....can you guess that a man said that because we had at least 8 inches.
And, I was fortunate enough to get to snow-blow the seven driveways on our cul-de-sac. I literally had ice hanging on my eyelashes and my hair was frozen. It wasn't a pretty site.....which is why there won't be any pics on this post.
I think I might be suffering from PTSD after the ordeal today......seriously.....I'm still having flashbacks of blinding snow pelting me in the face as I trudge through my neighbors yards trying to control that insane beast of a snow blower. Have you ever inhaled blowing snow? I don't recommend it. Did you know there are different speeds on those things? Who needs the Y....just give me lots of snow and I can chase that damn machine up the street. Maybe that could be the next challenge on The Biggest Loser....that would be hilarious.
Of course all the above happened after I made the 20 mile drive home that took 1 hour and 40 minutes....and that is before the roads really started to get bad. Then I almost nailed the tail end of my MIL's car...though to be fair she isn't the best only took us about 4 years to convince her to get the tail of her car onto our driveway and not leave it hanging out into the street so the mailman can't get to the mailbox....
MIL & FIL are staying the night here because we told them not to chance it.....just the thought of them off in some ditch....
BTW.......Em, hope you made it home okay...and everyone else that lives near me and skulks around my blog on occasion....
Think this means more snow days to make up for school??????